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okay but it’s perfect? And Sherlock would be making these little breathy whimpers and John would be saying ‘I’ve got you, love, it’s okay” and ugh dead x_x


that gif is the visual representation of the ‘i’ve got you, love’ i’m so in love with that i’m just sitting here imagining them doing that and it’s amazing

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i have like the huge urge to knit but it’s almost 8 am on a sunday and i’m out out of yarn and there’s nowhere i can go right now to buy more yarn :( but i wanna knit really bad

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I looked at it earlier. And yes, John and Sherlock should definitely do the do similarly ;)

asdfgh yes ! they would whisper sweet things to each while they fucked it would be so sweet :3 and sherlock would blush and moan silently during the whole thing

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I'm so glad I'm following you.

i’m glad you follow me too :3

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abitnotgood replied to your post: I’m looking at this and i’m like unilock

mm yes very good. agreed.

thank sarah for looking at the porn gif

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no one is online to look at that porn gif :(

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Those guys look so cute tho

like i want john and sherlock fucking like that :3

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I’m looking at this and i’m like unilock

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Street in Prague


Street in Prague
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"Wakey, Wakey" ~A Sherstrade Gift to Loryisunabletosupinate from PetraTodd~

Click for NSFW

I was going to call it: “Could you be a bit softer” “Not really”

Enjoy ;)

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charles need to put erik on a leash

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