i am like 1000% sure lestrade was going to attempt to meet up with them later in the stag night, but couldn’t because they got drunk way too early and he was working late and he ended up with a series of garbled text messages from sherlock that he’s not totally certain but has some idea might have been warning him off because “tngnight mibvht br teh nibght”

which explains why he was so furious the next morning in the drunk tank     because he’d expected a fun night out     and maybe a chance to pull a date for john’s wedding     and instead he got more paperwork  (via wearitcounts)

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Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via larmoyante)
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poop is touching u on the inside rightnow

Why would you even think of this I just

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// unsent

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*makes a decision*
*instantly regrets decision*

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I spend so much time alone that if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi

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What fic were you reading last night? Intrigued~ I love meeting "the married ones"

we don’t really meet them tho, they just sent it as a wedding gift

I’m just amazed bc i was talking about the married ones having problem sleeping and then gifting john and sherlock with a ball gag before i read that hahahaha

here is the fic

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the married ones gifted john and sherlock with a ball gag in the fic i was reading last night

amazing i’m amazed

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heroes in a nutshell

insp. by (x)

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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul thanking each other in their Emmy acceptance speeches

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Ah, John, don’t be dull, either help me or get out.


Ah, John, don’t be dull, either help me or get out.

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